Master-classes and seminars

Traditionally, various master-classes and seminars are hold at the fair HANDMADE-Expo.

Visiting it you can learn traditional and modern technics of needlwork and handicrafts, as well as get new ideas and knowledges for your business in handmade field. On Satarday you are especially welcome to come with children as we prepare a children's day - master-classes for young masters of fancy-work are to be held.

The schedule of events for autumn 2016 is being worked up, please, follow the news on our web-site!

On the matter of conducting of seminars and master-classes in the frames of the XXIV exhibition "HANDMADE-Expo", please, contact head of the exhibition Anastasia Karasyova,, tel: +38 044 542-45-46, +38067 50-90-678.