Social project – presents for special children. We have visited the center for kids with disabilities and passed the presents from our partners


As part of a social project “sincerely by generous hands” the representatives of company “Ukrainian Podium” had visited a center for social and psychological rehabilitation of children and youth with disabilities and handed over gifts given by partners of the exhibition HANDMADE-Expo: company SvitArt, magazine “All about handmade” and others.

Remember that during the spring exhibition HANDMADE-Expo 1 – 4 March 2017 we will present an exhibition of creative works of children and youth with disabilities. About 157 participants and their families will be part of this project. Every visitor of the fair will have an opportunity to buy any product made by children and thus contribute to the creative development, inspire the creation and give an opportunity to continue to express themselves in handwork.

Thanks to our partner SvitArt, childrens’ works will be presented at the exhibition HANDMADE-Expo professionally decorated!

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