Exhibition Dolls Podium

Company Ukrainian Podium within the framework of the exhibition HANDMADE-Expo holds the second International exhibition DOLLS PODIUM. The exhibition will take place on March 2 – 5, 2022.

The founder of the event – Alla Putyntseva director of the company Ukrainian Podium.

DOLLS PODIUM consists of the following projects:

• Exhibition of dolls and Teddy.
• Competition “Doll Queen” and “Teddy King”
• Presentations of puppet projects
• Presentation of the works of Natalia Zaikovskaya, who received the Grand Prix of the II competition “Puppet Queen”.


Grand prix – a personal exposition at the next exhibition HANDMADE-Expo and the winner’s cup.

Audience award – presentation at the next exhibition and the winner’s cup.

The jury prize for creativity – a place in the showcase for a presentation within the framework of the DOLLS PODIUM.

Prizes in nominations: 1st place – a cup and a special diploma, 2nd place and 3rd special diplomas.

All participants will receive diplomas and DETAILED WRITTEN REVIEWS-ASSESSMENTS of their work from each member of the jury.

The cost of participation in the competition of one author - 700 UAH (two works) or 400 UAH (one work).

Participate no more than 2 works by one author. The selection of works conducts the jury.

The sections and nominations of the competition program of DOLLS PODIUM:

The sections of the competition program of DOLLS PODIUM

• Works of masters of folk dolls.
• Works of masters of modern dolls.
• Works by masters Teddy and his friends.

Nominations of the competition

• Folk doll:
– traditional;
– modern;
– creative.
• Portrait doll.
• Fantasy.
• Interior doll:
– textile;
– knitted;
– felted.
• Textile doll.
• Boudoir doll.
• Teddy Bears and friends.
* If less than 5 dolls are submitted to the nomination, no competition is held in it.

Procedure of participation:

For pre-selection the authors have to send photos of dolls and a completed questionnaire on dollspodium@gmail.com. Works for pre-selection are accepted from October 29, 2021 to February 14, 2022
The Jury will decide on the exhibiting of the doll within 5 working days.
One author may submit 5 works to the jury. From one author can take a maximum of two works. It is necessary to attach a full-length photo of the doll to the questionnaire, in addition, a photo of details: head, arms, legs, clothes.

After confirming your participation, the doll that has passed the selection will be shown in the contest Doll Queen to visitors and the jury. The days of the transfer of dolls to the organizers are individually coordinated. Return of dolls is carried out only at the end of the exhibition.

The registration fee for the participants who passed to the final – 700 UAH (two dolls) or 400 UAH. (one doll).

Please note that competitive dolls, in agreement with the author, can be sold at the exhibition.

For out-of-competition participation of the DOLLS PODIUM exhibition, you can order a stand, a showcase or a podium on a general basis. Participation conditions on the link >>.

Jury members of the DOLLS PODIUM:


  • Halyna Diuhovska – member of the National Unions of Artists, Designers, Journalists of Ukraine, curator and organizer other art events.
  • Volodymyr Baliberdin – Head of the Department of Decorative and Applied Arts of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (NUAU), a member National Union of Designers of Ukraine NUDU.
  • Olga Marino – Honored Artist of Ukraine, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
  • Tatyana Belykh – master of folk dolls. The winner in the nomination folk doll contest Dolls Podium.
  • Nastya Krava – master puppeteer, member and teacher of GDS.
  • Valentina Miroshnik  –  a folk doll master, winner of the Grand Prix of the Dolls Podium
  • Natalia Zaikovskaya – master of portrait dolls. Grand Prix at the Dolls Podium.

The works of folk doll masters are judged by Tatyana Belykh, Valentina Miroshnik, Olga Marino, Galina Dyugovskaya.The works of the masters of modern dolls,

Teddy and Teddy friends are judged by Nastya Krava, Natalia Zaikovskaya, Olga Marino, Galina Dyugovskaya.

Post address: dollspodium@gmail.com

Phone: (050) 351-27-11 (+Telegram),

(093) 387-70-41 (+Viber) –  Kobeleva Olga

If you want to exhibit at the fair you can order a stand on the common grounds of the exhibition HANDMADE-Expo, to order stand

Contest results

Grand Prix of the contest Puppet Queen Spring 2019

Singayevsky Vasily  «Billiard»

Material wood

Debut doll

Kozlova Tatiana «Song»

Material La Doll

Textile doll

Isaenko Elena «Yanochka»


Fantasy doll

Zaykovskaya Natalya «Leprechaun»

Material LivingDoll

Portrait doll

Zaykovskaya Natalya «Taras Bulba»

Material LivingDoll

Interior doll

Goncharenko Tatiana «Pierrot»

Material LADOLL

Folk doll

Belykh Tatyana «Prayer»