For exhibitors


Our goal is getting the maximum results from exhibiting in HANDMADE-Expo and all advantages from promoting at the art & hobby and works of authorship market.

Reliable partnership

Each section of the Exhibition is supported by serious work with the target audience of the exhibition, that gives a significant result for each exhibitor.

Individual work

Inform us about the intention to announce your company and we will offer you the best options for exhibiting and promotional opportunities that will work before, during and after the event.

Guaranteed traffic of the stand

Regular updating and enlarging of professional visitors database and massive advertising campaign ensure a great attendance of the exhibition.

Comfortable, well-known exhibition centre

For the presentation of the products to the target audience and establishing direct contacts with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, representatives of retailers and final consumers.

High efficiency after exhibiting

Stable high number of regular exhibitors surely declares the successful results for the companies that took part in the previous exhibitions.


Executives of the companies engaged in wholesale and retail of goods for needlework, creative hobbies, children’s art, souvenirs; purchasing managers of specialized stores, workshops, representatives of online shops, hobby schools, organizers of the joint ventures, craftsmеn and representatives of general public who are fond of art and handicrafts.



September 25 – 28, 2019

International exhibition center

The organizers of the promotion centre “Ukrainian podium”

Number of participants — 269

Number of visitors — 14 227

from 14 countries and all regions of Ukraine


  • Individual masters and workshops — 67%
  • Business area — 28%
  • Specialized mass media — 5%

Business exposition

  • Manufacturers — 51%
  • Distributors — 22%
  • Retail — 17%
  • Services — 5%

Number of the exhibitors

  • Regular
  • New

Business exposition

  • Regular exhibitors — 76%
  • New exhibitors — 24%

Exposition of Individual craftsmen

  • Regular exhibitors — 51%
  • New exhibitors — 49%

Number of visitors

The direction of business activities of the companies visitors

  • Sale of goods for needlework, creativity — 43%
  • Sale of finished products — 33%
  • Production — 24%
Ukraine copy eng

The trend towards an increase in business visitors from areas:

  • Kyiv — 36%
  • Kyiv region — 26%
  • Other areas — 38%

Interests of business visitors

Embroidery with threads 38%
Embroidery with beads 37%
Embroidery with ribbons 29%
Yarn 29%
Designer clothes 28%
Decoration 25%
Ethnoproducts 23%
Sewing 22%
Ethno-clothes 21%
Goods for children's creativity 18%
Accessories, handmade bijouterie 17%
Ceramics 17%
Frames, moldings, equipment for picture framing studios 16%
Souvenirs 15%
Painting 14%
Handmade toys 13%
Felting 13%
Beads 13%
Forging 12%
Soap-making, natural сosmetics 12%
Decoupage 11%
Patchwork 10%
Scrapbooking 10%
Woodcarving 9%
Lace-making 9%
Floristics 8%
Weaving 8%
Origami, kvilling 5%
Modeling 5%
Other 3%

The interests of individual consumers

Embroidery with threads 53%
Embroidery with beads 43%
Decoration 34%
Accessories, handmade bijouterie 29%
Yarn 28%
Embroidery with ribbons 24%
Handmade toys 21%
Goods for children's creativity 19%
Designer clothes 19%
Ceramics 19%
Souvenirs 18%
Ethnoproducts 16%
Decoupage 16%
Soap-making, natural сosmetics 16%
Modeling and tailoring 15%
Ethno-clothes 15%
Painting 15%
Felting 14%
Beads 14%
Scrapbooking 11%
Weaving 11%
Frames, moldings, equipment for picture framing studios 9%
Forging 9%
Patchwork 9%
Floristics 9%
Lace-making 8%
Woodcarving 7%
Modeling 6%
Origami, kvilling 5%
Other 5%

The goals of the companies business visitors

To review the tendencies and novelties of Art & Hobby market 82%
To find new suppliers 73%
To meet the partners 65%
To make a wholesale buying 40%
To take part in seminars 32%

Individual consumers at the exhibition

Bought products for needlework and creation 80%
Bought the product of masters and designers 57%
Found out about new products 68%
Participated at seminars and workshops 32%
Got inspired :)) 68%

Impression of the exhibitors

We are working with hundreds of people, and there is a small part of their experience of our cooperation

The exhibition was held at a high level. Our undubitable intention to exhibit next time is the best your characterization.

Company «Zarmìlka»

We had an excellent opportunity to find new partners and distribution channels. The exhibition was visited by a huge number of adults and children. In addition to presenting the products, the exhibitors were given the opportunity to teach  master classes.

Inna Shapiro, Bumagia TM

The Exhibition is good, a lot of visitors, good advertising, helpful and courteous organizers.

Ludmila Pavlenko.  Narodniy butik TM

The organization and holding of the Exhibition at a decent level.

Valentina Grishina. Company Abris Art

Thank you very much for the quality of organized and conducted exhibition. We wish you prosperity and good luck.

Svetlana Ovchar. Company Сhudesina

The exhibition was wonderful. There was a lot of friends and clients. I did not want to leave, the atmosphere became so dear… we made friends with the neighbors – exhibitors from Romania, an Englishwoman, one present fly away to Paris.

Alla Kravchenko – master

Good organization, conveniently and compactly placed pavilions, a good idea of conducting master classes, excellent atmosphere. We will be glad to exhibit in the future! Good luck!

Elena Zaliznyak. Cmpany Svit Rukodillya & Svit Bagetu

It wes very interesting and a filled with expressions exhibition. Many interesting and new products. We wish you to grow and develop.

Company Charivna Leleca