event #1 in Ukraine

28 September - 1 October 2016

HANDMADE-Expo: Embroidery. Needlework. Handicrafts. Decor. Exhibition organizer "Ukrainian Podium" Promotion Center invites you to exhibit in XXIV HANDMADE-Expo creative exhibition that will take place in autumn 2016 in the International Exhibition Center, Kiev, Ukraine.

This exhibition is the only one wholesale event in the branch of handwork in Ukraine. It exists since 2002, it is the first fair of handmade in Ukraine and as a result it is well-known by all professionals: starting with the big trade companies, to the little shops of goods for needlework in the small town - their articles were ordered at the HANDMADE-Expo.

From the ancient times needlework was the main occupation of women of different classes in Ukraine. And it was not a simple hobby but their main occupation. The main desire was to beautify the world around them. Till now there are a lot of direction and kinds of needlework and crafts in Ukraine and almost every branch is still popular and has got thousand of representatives and successors. In recent decades due to the massive enthusiasm for handmade products in Ukraine not only women and children, but also men choose needlework and crafts as a hobby. For many of them it very often became the main source of income, and even the family business. Because of this widespread popularity, a lot of companies and stores that offer the services of home crafts and needlework represent a wide range of products for needlework from Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.

Event has 3 main sectors:

1. Business exposition - companies presents goods for emboidery and handwork in wholesale. 

2. Exposition of handmade - masters present their work to public for sale.

3. Creation - "Art Ukraine" exposition of the best handmade works and numerous seminars and master-classes.

HANDMADE-Expo is number one exhibition for goods for needlework, crafts and handmade products in Ukraine, only here the wholesalers of goods for needlework and handicrafts are presented. This event gathers all manufacturers, wholesale companies, retail companies and handmade masters.

Our first exhibition which gathered the exhibitors in the section of goods for needlework was held in 2002 within the framework of the exhibition  Fabrics. Threads. Accessories. This section has got quite high interest rate and it was decided to conduct the first Ukrainian Exhibition - Embroidery. Needlework. Crafts. In the recent years the market of goods for needlework has advanced to a new level in Ukraine. The Exhibition has grown accordingly and became the central event of the market of goods for needlework and crafts in Ukraine. Since 2011 our exhibition has been renamed to - HANDMADE-Expo. Year after year, the HANDMADE-Expo exhibition brings together a decent amount of manufacturers and wholesale companies that offer goods for needlework, crafts and Decor.

HANDMADE-Expo is a good chance for manufacturers and wholesale companies to present their products at the Ukrainian market, to establish new business contacts and to meet well-known partners in the friendly environment of creative exhibition. 

 The HANDMADE-Expo keeps developing every year by expanding new sections and attracting new Exhibitors. At the exhibition you will find the biggest companies of Ukraine and foreign companies’ representatives that offers the entire range of goods for needlework and crafts, new designs, accessories and related products.During the 8 years of the Exhibition's existence it became popular and well-recognized among the trade visitors and general public. Our aim is to create colorful and memorable atmosphere and to provide an effective business environment. The format of this unique event opens a great opportunity to establish business contacts in the friendly environment of art expositions and master classes.

The HANDMADE-Expo became a real treat for those who scrupulously create authors’ technique compositions. All the authors of the exclusive handiworks are welcomed to take part in the “Art Ukraine” international festival. Every Exhibitor of HANDMADE-Expo is free to run an author's workshop. 

Handmade-expo is a great chance for our exhibitors to enter the Ukrainian market of goods for needlework, crafts and decor. At the exhibition Handmade-Expo you will find new partners and meet old ones, present your products to the masters and final buyers.